Wednesday, December 21, 2011

12 treats of Christmas, day 11: holiday scones (x2)

Well, somewhat frighteningly, it appears that I have/plan to make considerably more than treats than there are days of Christmas. Since I'm running out of days I probably won't get to post the sablés; cranberry, pecan and white chocolate cookies; dipped hot chocolate spoons; and salted butter caramel sauce that I've already made this season. Still on tap for sure are fudge; David's favorite Christmas coffee cake; baked egg nog french toast; and egg nog pannetone bread pudding. Not sure what will end up on day 12 tomorrow, but I'm doubling up today to jam as much in as possible.

First, fresh cranberry scones:

Next, egg nog cinnamon chip scones (my favorite ever. When it's not egg nog season I make them with creamm):

These two recipes have essentially the same technique, so I whipped them up, shaped them, and cut them at the same time; stuck them in the freezer; and baked them straight from frozen (separating them an inch or so during baking and adding a few minutes to the stated bake time). We packed these up for neighbors just to keep 'em guessing.

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