Friday, December 23, 2011

12 treats of Christmas, day 12: candy cane biscotti

I wanted to conclude the 12 days with something über-Christmasy, and bonus points if I could use up some of the crushed candy cane that had been sitting in bowls on my counter for week!! I knew that I'd found my 12th treat when I saw this post for candy cane biscotti on one of my favorite food blogs. What makes these perfect for the holidays, in addition to the fact that THEY CONTAIN CANDY CANES, is that they are really good keepers. Biscotti kind of taste dry and stale to begin with (but in a good way!) when you get right down to it, so if you eat one a week or so after they came out of the oven and they are kind of dry and stale (but buttery! And rich! And chock full o' candy canes!), well, that's how they are supposed to taste. And biscotti are meant to hold up to dipping -- in coffee, in hot chocolate -- so you don't want a dainty cookie that's going to fall apart on first plunge.

I wouldn't call myself a candy cane lover, but I am now a candy cane biscotti lover. The peppermint taste of the candy cane is not overwhelming here, and it's complemented nicely by the buttery cookie. This one is a keeper.

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Di said...

Tracey has inspired a whole bunch of us to make these this year. =) The batch I made went into treat bags for teachers.